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Poptropica Games : He said that one of the major video game and its rules, the interface should be considered in the context of a game, and deploys the concept of the game is the first debate. Espen J. Aarseth argues that, although certainly playgrounds, characters, and aspects of traditional narratives, these aspects are important to the gameplay. For example, Aarseth care that the game narrativists curves of the tomb heroin has increased, the body of Lara Croft "in size, first by the death of film theorists, for me as a player in the analysis, saying serious obsolete because another aspect of the body ... I play a different game when I can not, I do not even see his body, but in the past, and I see through it.

" has not stopped art ludologists because they reject the theory that a video game as a social and artistic qualities of the principal rules, the requirements of all sub - underlying, and expectations of the players placed on the application. By. nasyid

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